About the Mobile Office

The Mobile Office is an all in one portable workstation that makes working outside of the office comfortable and efficient.

On the Go

The Mobile Office includes a handle & wheels offering mobility on the go. It can be easily moved between work sites or between vehicles.

Need a printer or a portable battery pack? The Mobile Office has whatever you need to get the job done. Job-specific tools such as label printers and barcode scanners can be mounted and connected to an integrated USB charging hub so they're always ready to use.

In the Car

The Mobile Office saves time and money. There's no need for pricey installation: once the lightweight Mobile Office is buckled in, it's ready to use.

The Mobile Office offers flexibility to move from one vehicle to another! This offers more capacity for government agencies that rely on government-issued vehicles, such as a pooled fleet. The flexibility of the Mobile Office also allows rental and short-term leased vehicles to be used when surges in capacity are needed without the costly capital outlay of new vehicles or requiring personnel to trade-off efficiency in an under-equipped vehicle.


The Mobile Office has multiple mounting capabilities; you can choose to either work inside or outside of your vehicle! The laptop arm can be positioned outside the vehicle to allow personnel to stand with a clear view of the work site and their surroundings or positioned to reach between the seats so personnel can work from a more spacious back seat.

You can change your work location in a matter of minutes. To keep your eyes on a project and increase management capabilities, simply reposition the Mobile Office to best suit your needs.