The creation of the Mobile Office

A brief history

In 2019, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) approached TurnAround Factor (TAF) to find a solution for the Disposal Representatives (DSRs) and Environmental Specialists. These employees are always on the go, and often have long travel times. Returning to the office adds time and reduces customer service capabilities. To reduce travel time these employees work from inside their vehicles. This is an uncomfortable place to work however, permanently installing car desks is not an option since these employees use GSA vehicles.

To make working in the vehicle more comfortable without altering GSA vehicles the TAF team conceptualized the Mobile Office. This non-install product is the perfect solution for the employees’ needs in the field. Currently, the Mobile Office is fielded with DLA and saving time and costs for DSRs and Environmental Specialists. This gives the employees the ability to complete immediate receipt-in-place and Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) transfer paperwork on-site. Some of the benefits of this capability include reduced travel time/cost, improved customer service, and faster item visibility for utilization.

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Where we are today

TAF, has conducted thorough market research to determine other local government agency employees that the Mobile Office could benefit. Prototyping and market research of the Mobile Office has given TAF a greater understanding of the types of options needed in different fields.

The options include custom computer/tablet mounts, printers, battery packs, and more! The TAF team is always looking for ways to make our customers work experiences more efficient and specified, and are always open to customization possibilities.